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Migration preparation | Keys before starting Enterprise Access Control


Taking a page from the Boy Scout manual, companies considering migration to an enterprise security system should heed the call: Be prepared. Knowing what resources are available, who the key players are in getting you from beginning to end, and what goes into developing a successful migration plan are key parts of the process.

Enterprise Access ControlToo often, however, the excitement over what an enterprise solution — defined here as achieving central control over an access control system that spans multiple facilities — can mean to the success of the organization once it’s up and running is overshadowed by how the progression from start to finish is best handled. There can be bumps along the way, and it’s always prudent to go into the undertaking with eyes wide open and a playbook in hand.

Many experts would agree that a good way to start is to first define the operational paradigm for your business, taking into consideration how the migration will impact and improve your administrative, reporting and monitoring processes. And don’t forget about scalability: If you aren’t forecasting the volume of activity associated with your enterprise system, you may be shortchanging the underlying architecture.

Another possible pitfall is poor coordination among vendors or, internally, between departments. By its very nature, an enterprise system is going to involve multiple partners and multiple sites that will require coordination by your IT and security teams. Are you prepared to undertake this, or will you rely on a third party to get the job done?

As we said at the outset, preparation is the key, and nothing should happen without a plan, a team and a solid foundation that begins with knowing what you have now and where you’re headed. You can never know too much about what exists in terms of equipment, firewalls, data and policies, nor can you be too vigilant about ensuring a smooth transition once all the pieces are in place.

We encourage you to download our guide, “Key Pitfalls to Avoid When Migrating to an Enterprise Solution” and familiarize yourself with the ways in which you can make the migration to an enterprise solution easier and more successful for your business. Being prepared will pay dividends in the long run!


What pitfalls concern you about migrating to a robust enterprise security solution? Please leave me a comment below.


Analog to IP, is the switch complete?


We’ve been hearing about the migration to IP based systems from analog ones for years now, so that would give rise to the assumption that the process is pretty much over. But if you look at the numbers, and check in with end users, the reality is that many are still in the early stages of this process. And, many are looking for a good road map to help them navigate this transition.

analog to IP

Check out this blog post on the American Dynamics Security Blog titled, Navigating the road from analog to IP video as a series of questions on this topic are addresses during a recently recorded webinar.




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